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First Name: Misty
Memorial Date: 2014-02-05

Our Message To You:
To our Misty girl, we will never forget you. We want to thank you for giving us 12 heartfelt joyous years…
We will meet again…..Always and forever in our minds and hearts……


Last Name: Diamond
First Name: Bo
Memorial Date: 2013-09-22

Our Message To You:
We will never know Bo’s history, however he was loved beyond belief this past year. He will always be the King of the Castle at the Assisted Living.

*Forever in our hearts*


Last Name:
First Name: Oliver
Memorial Date: 2012-09-11

Our Message To You:
Thank you so much for bringing such a special part of our family to us with Oliver. We adopted Oliver who was rescued in SC and we lived in NJ with no intentions of moving in 2003. In 2006 we moved with Oliver back to his home state of SC! Oliver got cancer in Sept of 2009 and we were devastated, I used every resource possible to save him from cancer but we lost him on April 19, 2010 and he is so so missed by my family!


Last Name: Marino
First Name: Tabasco
Memorial Date: 2011-11-15

Our Message To You:
We adopted Tabasco at the PetSmart adoption event on August 7th as a birthday gift for our daughter Amanda. We could not have asked for a better fit for our family. He blended in quickly and even got along with our two Cats. He was a great Dog and we really loved him. Unfortunately, this week Tabasco had an apparent seizure and was not able to be saved. The Vet said that it was most likely a genetic condition which is fairly common in Pugs called PDE. Needless to say our family is heartbroken. We felt that Tabasco had finally gotten a second chance after being abused and in several kill shelters and now he is gone.